Collection Of Ogboni Items

67. A collection of Edan Ogboni. C1900 or older. Edan have several applications in the Yoruba Ogboni society, including Protective, judicial and healing. Ogboni venerates Onile who is the owner of the earth.

Brass and iron.

Provenance: The Balint B. Denes Collection

Mr. Denes was a noted collector of classical Nigerian art, with a particular interest in the art and cult objects of the Yoruba Ogboni society. His collection was evaluated and catalogued by the noted art historian Dr Hans Witte, author of “Earth and the ancestors, Ogboni iconography” and could be found on the Yale Archive. A number of pieces from his collection now reside in the DePaul Museum, Chicago and the Fowler Museum, Los Angeles.


The largest is 72cm and the smallest is 7cm.